Essential Snoring Travel kit

A recent survey shows that the majority of us should be packing another item of vital travel kit, alongside the sun-cream and insect repellent, if we want to really enjoy our holidays this summer!

A survey published last week by the online dating website Zoosk, of 1,500 members, found that the most annoying thing whilst travelling, other than being separated from your partner on a plane, was your partner snoring on holiday, with 72% of women reporting snoring put a dampener on their vacation.

Whilst many think snoring is an inevitable part of being on holiday there might be an easy solution to the problem in the form of a natural throat spray that has been shown in clinical studies to help reduce snoring in 4 out of 5 users and can easily be packed into any travel bag.

Helps Stop Snoring’s spray is a mix of natural essential oils that is simply sprayed into the back of the throat before bedtime and comes in a small and easy to use bottle that’s small enough to fit in your ‘carry-on’ hand luggage, but can last up to 5 weeks. It works because the oils help tone the soft tissue at the back of the throat which relax during sleep and often cause snoring.

So if you really want to enjoy your holiday this summer, forget trying to squeeze that extra pair of bikini bottoms into your bag and make room for the spray that helps stop snoring instead.