Partners of the UK’s worst snorers are being asked to submit their novel ways of dealing with the problem for a chance to have them featured in spoof film about surviving Christmas.

Helps Stop Snoring, makers of the UK’s leading snoring remedy, had previously created the world’s first Snore-chestra, producing the tracks Silent Night and Away in a Manger, with the help of the country’s noisiest culprits.

Now, the company are in search of recommendations as well as footage of all the weird and wonderful ways in which people deal with their snoring partners – from a dig in the ribs through to waving smelling salts under their noses, to feature in the tongue-in-cheek film.

Snorers, or their partners, now have until 13th November to submit their tips or footage and those whose suggestions are included will win a year’s supply of Helps Stop Snoring products, in order to help them get a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Graham Carr-Smith, of Helps Stop Snoring, said: “Snoring affects around one in four adults in UK, this equates to 15 million people. Over the years we have heard of so many different ways in which partners try to deal with snoring and know that when desperation kicks in, they will go to extreme measures. We are therefore expecting some very interesting entries!

“We were overwhelmed with the success of the Snore-chestra, which saw over 10,000 views on YouTube, so this year we decided to create a short, humourous film about the innovative ways in which different people deal with snoring.”

Graham added: “Snoring can have a huge effect on people’s lives but there is hope out there for snorers and their long-suffering partners, as our natural anti-snoring remedies are offering relief to thousands of people already. This is going to be a fun, festive way to highlight this important message.”

Those looking to submit their novel way of dealing with snoring can email, or visit or for more information. Closing date is 13 November.